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Start a revolution–it begins with you!

The premise of the novel/movie Pay It Forward is one that any person can implement in his or her own life, at any time. It begins with doing a favor for another person– without any expectation of being paid back.

Indeed one would request that the recipient of that favor do the same for someone else: ideally for three other people. The unconditional favors can be large or small. As the fictional 12-year-old Trevor observes, “It doesn’t have to be a big thing. It can just seem that way, depending who you do it for.”

Please go to I.P.I.F. page to tell about your experience.  You can remain anonymous if you would prefer, but don’t be ashamed to leave your name. 😉

  • Just be patient and let it load up! Here is a link to the full movie online:  Pay It Forward

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